Thursday, October 30, 2008

The closer we get to the election, the more I want to shut all the blitz out! The ads on radio, tv etc... The zillion phone calls and messages on the answering machine. I know that living in VA, a close state, they are trying EXTRA hard here to sway the undecideds, but I HAVE to wonder how many of those there actually are at this point! Everyone I know pretty much has decided. AND they are reeling from the ads too.

The funny thing is many of the ads are so obviously: distortions, items out of context, complete idiocy, and repetition of things that don't really mean anything. Though I did not watch Obama's message special last night, I liked the concept of trying to focus on his primary points and issues. But I couldnt do it. I flip the channel, I am on brain overload. I know who I am voting for and why. Based on the issues not the finger pointing. Let's face it - there is no perfect candidate. And one thing people have to remember is that the President presents these solutions, Congress votes on them. And if it won't work, Congress won't - remember Hillary and her Health Plan. The exception is when the President bypasses the Constitution and that is where we have been the last few years and it is just plain wrong.

Neither candidate has perfect plans, some are clearly not goign to pass as is regardless. But the question is who can best get us out of this mess? And its funny - everyone is talking about raising taxes or not. Guess what? With this out of control spending for the last eight years, this country is so far in debt that it is not a question. Taxes will HAVE to go up to begin to repay the debt. It won't go away itself. The main question then is - who pays those taxes? WHOSE will go up? To deny it will happen is complete denial. This financial mess we are in isnt just about the sub-prime loans and banks. We have been getting deeper in debt daily for years. Now, like the individuals who have to work hard to save their homes, we all need to review our spending personally and our governments and begin paying for it. Sure I hate it. But can anyone figure out any other way for the debt to be paid off?

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