Saturday, November 22, 2008

History seems to be one of those things that we receive sanitized and Pc'd in school. We dont seem to get a chance to see the dark side of it. unless of course it is the bad guys (Non US) doing it. The WW2 internment camps for Japanese Americans, the experimentation on African Americans in the Tuskegee Syphilis experiments, the killing of Native Americans by smallpox infested blankets. Why not own up? Let the children in our schools see our dark side and learn from it. The only thing we gain by hiding it is that we will never learn from it and we will keep repeating it.

I mean we do it with civil liberties. WW1 German Americans, WW2 Japanese Americans, Now Muslim Americans with suspected Terrorist connections.

Our foundign fathers understood the needs for checks and balances in governments. Brilliant in that respect. Each time a president usurps those balances and takes away the fundamental rights that make this country amazing, they shame us. And they do it in the name of security but they are really doing it in the name of fear and hate.

These patterns repeat and repeat. Just as slavery repeated from culture to culture throughout the past. Egyprions, Romans, Vikings, it wasnt just the whites holding blacks as slaves. The evil goes back much further. And yet it still goes on today. More hidden but nonetheless goes on.

People talk about how violent our world is and cites the peaceful times of the past. Yet those are rose colored memories hiding the darkness that still was there. The murders, the rapes, the child abuse. That has always been around. Now we just talk about it and splay it on the news into peoples living rooms.

We talk of the horrors of the Holocaust and ignore the reality of ethnic genocide in African nations.

We ignore our roles in the development of the mIddle East strifes.

We need to read and learn history. Absolutely but we also need to see the good, the bad and the ugly of it. Maybe focus less on dates and less important "facts" and mroe on the dialog of the moral and social implications of events. That is education.

Monday, November 17, 2008

The Mentalist is a new show this season that I find myself enjoying despite pretty lame plots. I think it is mostly Simon Baker. He is charming and funny. I have heard people say it is a rip-off of Psych (which I also like) but I don't really think so. For one he says there is no such thing as Psychics. His character seems to be very good at processing cues from people's behaviour. I also like Robin Tunney's serious cop gets annoyed with his shenangins sometimes. This is probably the first thing I have actually liked her in since The Craft.

I like the subplot of the serial killer that killed his family in the background. Of course if this is a one season show, that might end up being a loose end.

Of course, on the other hand, the idea that someone is that good at reading behavior is actually really creepy. I mean, I wouldnt want some stranger knowing more about me than I do. LOL

But then it really doesnt hurt that he is nice to look at and has a great smile either. LOL

I do hope this gets picked up for another season but who knows? Ratings are something I truly do NOT get the science of.