Monday, November 17, 2008

The Mentalist is a new show this season that I find myself enjoying despite pretty lame plots. I think it is mostly Simon Baker. He is charming and funny. I have heard people say it is a rip-off of Psych (which I also like) but I don't really think so. For one he says there is no such thing as Psychics. His character seems to be very good at processing cues from people's behaviour. I also like Robin Tunney's serious cop gets annoyed with his shenangins sometimes. This is probably the first thing I have actually liked her in since The Craft.

I like the subplot of the serial killer that killed his family in the background. Of course if this is a one season show, that might end up being a loose end.

Of course, on the other hand, the idea that someone is that good at reading behavior is actually really creepy. I mean, I wouldnt want some stranger knowing more about me than I do. LOL

But then it really doesnt hurt that he is nice to look at and has a great smile either. LOL

I do hope this gets picked up for another season but who knows? Ratings are something I truly do NOT get the science of.

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