Saturday, March 28, 2009

Re Joyce by Anthony Burgess and analyzing literature

This book was suggested by my book of the day calendar. I thought, why not? I like Anthony burgess and have never read Joyce, this might inspire me. Well, I read over 125 pages and gave up. Oh, it was written well, but my God! The detail of analysis of each of Joyce's works was like the worst of High School and College English.

I mean, I understand the elements of a story like symbolism, metaphors, similies and what not are important in why people connect. But guess what? I dont care. And probably most people who are not English teachers or writers dont care either. Either they enjoy the story or they dont. They dont care why they enjoy it or not. They just are concerned about the experience itself. I also think this is why the majority of Americans never read a book again after graduation. They are not allowed to just enjoy brilliant stories. They have to pick them to pieces and worry about whether they are getting all the metaphors right or what not. Blah blah, it is work not fun.

I would have qualified for AP English in my High School but opted not to even try because I heard they analyzed tons of poetry to the extreme and it seemed horrible to me. And I lucked out because in my English class I did take, I was exposed to Childhood's End and Brave NEw World and the genre of SCIFI was opened for me. Yay! So, my teacher came to first period reeking of booze and marlboro reds. I was reading. And enjoying it. I answered questions on qiuizzes and tests that were mostly regarding plot points and character traits. It was fun. I finished books early took all the quizzes and then read the other selections for the unit (there were always 5 choices in a unit) read them and took those quizzes too. Not for credit but for fun. Well that and I had time to kill because the rest of the class were still reading their one book for the unit. But I remember that class fondly. The other English classes I took? Not so much...

Maybe teachers need to do BOTH instead of just anaylizing. Maybe they need to understand how offsetting it can be. I dont know, but I do know. I could not finish this book because the minutia (sp?) made me HATE it.

Monday, March 09, 2009

Hable Con Ella (Talk to Her)

Watched this wonderful movie last night. About two men and two comatose women, how their lives effect one another. The movie opens and closes with dance sequences and even has a very interesting silent mini movie in the middle of the movie. This won the academy award and I can see why. The performances were fabulous. Pedro Almodovar directed it and I will definitely be seeking out other movies by him.

Friday, March 06, 2009

Went to see the NYC Ballet Wednesday night. And boy was it an up and down night. They performed 3 pieces.

The first piece was Chaconne with lovely music from the opera Orphe'e et Euridice. It opened with a very etherial feel and vision that later became much more structured and classical. The pas de deux with Whelan and Neal was gorgeous. The really seemed to be totally connected to the music and each other. Which was great because just prior to that was a pas de troi with a male dancer that appeared to be dancing solely with himself and his partners seemed superfluous. Totally hated that dance. yet there were many playful moments which were fun throught the piece.

The next piece was very odd. It was Brahms/Handel choregraphed by Jerome Robbins and Twyla Tharpe. It was a competition piece where one group of dancers danced Robbins style to Brahams and the others danced Thwarp style to Handel. Back and forth. Disjointed. The GORGEOUS costumes by Oscar de la Renta I loved. Blue Brahms/green Handel. I liked the Robbins dancers better particularly the men. The Thwarp dancers kept extending their feet in weird ways that grated on me. You could see and feel the competition but it was so repetitive you just wanted it to be over after a while.

The final piece, Vienna Waltzes was beautiful. The sets and colors superb. And there was a magic and elegance that reminded me of old style hollywood at times.

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

I haven't really blogged in ages. Seems like the holidays, then year end, and all sorts of condo board stuff leave me stretched thin. But i have bee reading a lot which I think is what has helped me get through it all. Let the stress out.... I actually am where I was at (number wise) reading that I was in APRIL of last year. A good feeling. And I did some stitching again. Also nice. I think I stitch a lot more when I can socialize at the same times. It is hard to stitch and watch movies or shows because then I lose track of what is happening. I dont know how others can keep track. But maybe they don't care? It is easier for me to stitch during a race where there is no plot. LOL I should be able to finish the Kreinik Hope Flower this coming weekend. So far, it should be a quiet, stay at home weekend, but its only Tuesday so who knows. LOL

Been enjoying Goodreads still, and participated in The Next Best Book Club's Official Winter Challenge which inspired me to read several interesting books.

Racing has started again and we shall see how quickly I drop interest. Right now I am enjoying it because I think they are having to compete at a more level field with the no testing edict NASCAR issued. Last year I was so bored by the races I dropped out watching mid season for the most part.

Winter is still here and it is horrid cold today. I never will like cold weather no matter how many hot flashes I have. LOL