Tuesday, March 03, 2009

I haven't really blogged in ages. Seems like the holidays, then year end, and all sorts of condo board stuff leave me stretched thin. But i have bee reading a lot which I think is what has helped me get through it all. Let the stress out.... I actually am where I was at (number wise) reading that I was in APRIL of last year. A good feeling. And I did some stitching again. Also nice. I think I stitch a lot more when I can socialize at the same times. It is hard to stitch and watch movies or shows because then I lose track of what is happening. I dont know how others can keep track. But maybe they don't care? It is easier for me to stitch during a race where there is no plot. LOL I should be able to finish the Kreinik Hope Flower this coming weekend. So far, it should be a quiet, stay at home weekend, but its only Tuesday so who knows. LOL

Been enjoying Goodreads still, and participated in The Next Best Book Club's Official Winter Challenge which inspired me to read several interesting books.

Racing has started again and we shall see how quickly I drop interest. Right now I am enjoying it because I think they are having to compete at a more level field with the no testing edict NASCAR issued. Last year I was so bored by the races I dropped out watching mid season for the most part.

Winter is still here and it is horrid cold today. I never will like cold weather no matter how many hot flashes I have. LOL

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