Friday, March 06, 2009

Went to see the NYC Ballet Wednesday night. And boy was it an up and down night. They performed 3 pieces.

The first piece was Chaconne with lovely music from the opera Orphe'e et Euridice. It opened with a very etherial feel and vision that later became much more structured and classical. The pas de deux with Whelan and Neal was gorgeous. The really seemed to be totally connected to the music and each other. Which was great because just prior to that was a pas de troi with a male dancer that appeared to be dancing solely with himself and his partners seemed superfluous. Totally hated that dance. yet there were many playful moments which were fun throught the piece.

The next piece was very odd. It was Brahms/Handel choregraphed by Jerome Robbins and Twyla Tharpe. It was a competition piece where one group of dancers danced Robbins style to Brahams and the others danced Thwarp style to Handel. Back and forth. Disjointed. The GORGEOUS costumes by Oscar de la Renta I loved. Blue Brahms/green Handel. I liked the Robbins dancers better particularly the men. The Thwarp dancers kept extending their feet in weird ways that grated on me. You could see and feel the competition but it was so repetitive you just wanted it to be over after a while.

The final piece, Vienna Waltzes was beautiful. The sets and colors superb. And there was a magic and elegance that reminded me of old style hollywood at times.

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